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    Plastic anchor for precas twalls

    A wall anchor for fixing three-layer walls with inclined supports when placing on the building site (with screws DIN 571 12 x 70).
    Fixing with hot glue on the formwork. Roughened adhesive surface with low recess is suitable for minimal adhesive consumption. Bonding plates can be removed.
    Deliverable with pre-assembled plugs in screw channel (item 405.S). Thus, no adhesive can penetrate in the screw channel.
    Easy removal of the plugs is possible before fixing with screws. Concrete plugs in fair faced concrete quality for the sealing of the recess on request.

    Tested on tenacity (Pull-out test load).

    Item Number Length
    Dimension in mm
    Version Sack
    vpe in Stück
    vpe in Stück
    405. 80 without plug 500 20.000
    405.S 80 with plug 500 20.000

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