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    Plastic anchor Z

    Mounting dowels and installation plates (Installation magnet) for fixing 3-layer-walls when setting up on the building site using self-tapping concrete screws 10 x 80 mm.
    Glue the bonding plate on the formwork (Position the installation magnet on the formwork) and clip on the plastic anchor Z.

    Test report on request.

    Item Number Description Carton
    PU in piece
    PU in piece
    407. Mounting dowel Z 100 6.400
    407.a Adapter for
    mounting magnet
    200 Mounting magnet 1 ––
    407.mmm Mounting magnet
    1 ––
    407.zk Mounting dowel Z
    with bonding plate
    100 6.400
    407.s Concrete screw
    UCS 10 x 80 mm
    50 ––
    407.p Test sleeve
    for concrete screw
    1 ––

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